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12 - 24个月

The toddler years are a period of tremendous exploration and growth, with limitless learning for young children. Developed by Léman's experienced early childhood educators, the Explorers program is a series of "grown-up and me" toddler classes for children 12 - 24个月 old designed to foster social, 情感, cognitive and physical development while building confidence and independence.

Our program serves as children's first school experience, acclimating toddlers to a classroom environment and community practices to establish and reinforce positive routines. Through guided play, interactive storytime, 艺术, music and movement, the Explorers program sets the foundation for future academic success in an engaging and developmentally appropriate setting that ignites children's curiosity and harnesses their sense of wonder for the years to come.

First School Experience

情夫探险家 introduces children to becoming a p艺术 of a classroom community. Students engage in routines like sitting on the carpet for a meeting and staying at the table while eating a snack. We introduce concepts of sharing and turn-taking, all community practices that prepare them for the routines of preschool.

Classroom Community

Each day, students experience what it means to be p艺术 of a community of learners. They p艺术icipate in activities that bring them together as a group, beginning their day gathering at the meeting area where they are greeted by name, hear the schedule of the day and p艺术icipate in a group activity.

Social and Emotional Learning

Social and 情感 development is highly emphasized for 情夫探险家. In order to be a successful student, the skills of sharing, 耐心, and overall self-regulation must be supported and developed at an early age.

Play-Based Learning

Play is the work of children. Our toddler program exposes students to developmentally appropriate learning experiences that build pre-academic skills and socialization. To our students, they are engaged in fun, exciting activities.

Self-Directed Learning

Our classrooms are designed to foster self-directed learning and help young students st艺术 to identify their passions and interests. Exploration centers are set up around the room that focus on individual and small group learning. Sensory, fine motor, dramatic play, and literacy activities are rotated throughout the classroom.


Students are provided opportunities for exposure to the Mandarin, 西班牙语, and French languages through stories, 游戏, 歌曲, 和音乐. World Language lessons are taught in comprehension-based communicative language approaches which allow students to access the meaning of the language through multi-sensory experiences.

情夫探险家 Program (12-24 Months)

情夫探险家 have the option to meet 2, 3 or 5 times per week for 90 minutes each class.
2024 - 25的学费:
Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 AM - 11 AM: $8,400/year
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:30 AM - 11 AM: $11,200/year
Monday through Friday 9:30 AM - 11 AM: $14,400


We are now accepting applications for 2024-25 For more information, visit the 情夫探险家 Application Process 页面. Please note enrollment is for the full academic year.

请电邮至 招生团队 或打电话 212-232-0266 for more information.

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